Mississippi Cut-Out Coin Necklace State Quarter 18 inch Chain


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The Mississippi State Quarter is the 20th quarter released in the U.S. Mint’s 50 State Quarters? Program and the fifth, and last, to be released in 2002. This stately design is one of our favorites. The strongly directed message depicts beautiful magnolia blossoms, and all that they represent, along with a Mississippi state nickname, the Magnolia State. If you’ve never been fortunate enough to languish in the scent of the magnolia blossom, make a point to correct this. 1817 is the date that Mississippi was admitted to the union. Source: United States Mint Welcome to Mississippi. Here, the character of the Old South can still be felt with the scents of the magnolia blossom floating on the warm, moist breeze. Stately antebellum mansions are preserved across the state, hosted by women in billowing hoop skirts during the spring and summer months. Mississippi is a state that is proud of its history and works hard to preserve the memory of the Old South. When Mississippi was a one-crop state before the arrival of the boll weevil in 1907, plantations thrived, and cotton was king in the fertile soil of the Yazoo-Mississippi delta. Today, though Mississippi ranks among the leading producers, cotton competes with other crops, like soybeans, and manufacturing has replaced agriculture as the economic leader. Mississippi is the nation’s largest producer of upholstered furniture. Mississippi has not experienced the urban growth of other states and is still very much a land of small towns scattered among rolling farmlands and forested hills. About 40% of of Mississippi is occupied by about 42,000 farms.

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