Delaware Cut-Out Coin Necklace State Quarter 18 inch Chain


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The first state to ratify the United States Constitution was also the first state to have its own commemorative state quarter minted. This quarter, minted in 1999, depicts Caesar Rodney, in 1776, braving thunderstorms and a severe summer heat wave on his way to Philadelphia to cast the deciding vote for the independence of the British colonies. On December 7, 1787, Delaware, became the first state to ratify the United States Constitution. Before that, it was the only colony to be claimed by Sweden, Holland and England. And before that, there is some evidence that Egyptian explorers found their way to the state. Click for the latest Dover weather forecast. The log cabin was introduced by the Swedes. The first regularly operated steam railroad began operations in New Castle in 1831. Today, Delaware has become a farming and industrial state. At one time the center of this country’s flour industry, it is today the leading producer of chemicals in the United States and, because of its corporate laws, more corporations are headquartered in Delaware than in any other state.

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