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The last commemorative quarter minted in 1999, was for the small New England state of Connecticut. The fifth state to join the union, the Constitution State may be small, but… The design of the Connecticut State Quarter depicts Samuel Wylly’s oak tree, “The Charter Oak”. Perhaps only Captain Wadsworth really knew what happened Halloween night, 1687. Connecticut is a small state to be sure but it has been one of the most vigorously independent and productive since Dutch explorer Adriaen Block discovered the Connecticut River in 1614. Geographically, it is the third smallest state, even though its original charter, granted in 1662, extended the land grant west to the Pacific Ocean. And its contributions to the world are great. Three towns in Connecticut developed the first written constitution, “The Fundamental Orders” where it was declared that “the foundation of authority is in the free consent of the people,”. Click for the latest Hartford weather forecast. The Charter Oak became a symbol of the independence of the people of this state, when King James II revoked the Connecticut Charter in 1687. Preventing Royal Governor Sir Edmund Andros from getting his hands on it, Joseph Wadsworth stole the document and is said to have hidden it in the hollow of an oak tree on Samuel Wylly’s property. This state has long been known for its superior productivity from the manufacturing methods developed by Eli Terry and Eli Whitney to the leadership position held today in the production of helicopters, jet aircraft engines, submarines, silverware and small firearms. America’s first cigars, man-made combs, factory-made hats, plows, friction matches and the nations first commercial telephone exchange were products of the small state of Connecticut.

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