Coin Care Designed to brighten & enhance the beauty of coins 2oz


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Coin Care 2 oz. Bottle. Designed to brighten and enhance the beauty of coins. Coin Care was designed to be used on mint state or proof coins and is efficient on AU and slightly used coins. Coin Care restores the luster and removes the tarnish, environmental and petroleum contaminants that have accumulated.mCoin Care does not change the color of your coin but does remove oxidation contamination and tarnish. Coin Care will restore the natural esthetic of the original substrate. Directions for use: Coin Care is not a dip based product and will not work by dipping your coin. Apply Coin Care directly to coin or use a Q-Tip in Coin Care and gently apply to coin. Allow a few seconds for Coin Care to penetrate the contaminants of the coin then gently “massage” the surface of the coin with the Q-Tip which has been soaked in Coin Care. NOTE: Always do a few “test coins” to become familiar with how the product works. Coin Care leaves a residual protective film. Any excess may be removed with a dry cloth. Description: 2 Fl. oz. Bottle, Coin Care, White Bottle. A great gift for any coin collector.

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