Gold Diamond Cut Edge Stainless Steel Stamped 6mm Size 11


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This personalized ring is hand-stamped, to create deep grooves. Comfort-fit rings are made of the finest stainless steel and they will never rust or discolor your skin. The lettering is filled with industrial paint, to create color (of your choice). Whether you are purchasing as a gift, or just treating yourself, these rings can touch the heart of everyone. Ordering a personalized ring will allow you to create a memory that will last a lifetime. Appeals to all demographics. Adults, Young adults and children will want one. Although you never need a reason to purchase one of these rings, they make great gifts! Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas, Mother’s/Father’s Day, Love, Family, Best Friends, Military, Graduations, Couples (His/Hers, Mine/Yours) & more.

The ideas are endless!

Because of the different sizes of letters/numbers/symbols/spaces/designs…I am not able to give you an exact number of characters that you can fit on a ring. Here is a chart estimating the amount of characters that can fit on a ring. (Don’t forget to include a “space” as a character.) Due to hand stamping process, letter spacing and layout will vary slightly from ring to ring.

Stretching can occur with the more letters stamped onto a ring (between 1/4-1/2 size).

Sz 3-4: 14-16 characters
Sz 11-12: 30-32 characters
Sz 5-6: 18-20 characters
Sz 13-14: 34-36 characters
Sz 7-8: 22-24 characters
Sz 15-16: 38-40 characters
Sz 9-10: 26-28 characters

Characters Available: A-Z, 0-9, hyphen -, asterisk *, slash /, ampersand &
Designs Available: Swoosh Heart, Rose, Smiley Face, Ying/Yang, Harley Logo
Paint Colors Available: Black (default), Brown, Gold, Silver, White, Pink, Magenta, Red, Orange, Lime Green, Green, Teal, Blue, Purple.

Care of Your Personalized Ring:

Due to the harshness of chemicals, cleaners, hand-soap and various other products, it is recommended that you do not expose your hand-stamped ring to these elements. If your ring needs cleaning, please rinse with plain water and dry off with paper towel. Luster and shine can be maintained by regular use of a non-abrasive polishing cloth.

Send us an email at: with the following information:

1. Size
2. What would you like your ring to say (exactly)?
3. Color of lettering (default Black)(choose 1 color or multiple colors)
4. Choose Design or Designs (ex: heart MOM heart)(Child’s name and birthdate)

Please be sure to check your messages regularly as this is how we will correspond with you regarding any questions or changes you may have to your order. Note item will NOT ship until final confirmation of your order has been completed!

REPLACEMENT POLICY: We will print your ring exactly as you request in your email. If you make an error and the ring has already been stamped, there is NO replacement or refund! If there is an error in stamping on our part, we will send you a replacement with the corrected information. A great gift idea for anyone!

Item #: 20597SR551-11
Condition: New

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