Warman's State Quarter Collector's Folder, 1999-2009
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This Warman's folder holds state quarters from 1999-2009, along the history on the inside flap. This is a tri-fold folers that opens flat for all at once viewing with a total of 60 openings (2 blanks) and 1 each for Denver (coin front) and Philadelphia (coin front), then closes to book size for easy storage. The year the state was admitted to the federal union and the state is printed below each opening.

The holes in this folder have a special LOCK-IN feature. But first, a word of caution: always hold a coin by the edge and never touch its obverse or reverse. We recommend you wear gloves when pressing your coins into place. Now that you are ready, simply place the coin with one edge tipped into the hole, and then press the high edge downward and toward the lowered edge (slantwise). Feel the snap? It's locked in!

Quarters honoring each of the 50 states were issued by the United States from 1999 until 2008 at the rate of five designs per year in the order in which the states were admitted to the federal union. The first state, Delaware, began the sequence and the 50th state Hawaii, wrapped up the state quarter portion of the program. The District of Columbia and Territories followed in 2009.

What of "No" don't you understand? that might be a handy summary of the tratment of many years of requests by collectors for new designs on the circulation coins of the United States. By law, the Trasury Secretary has the authority to change the design on any coin that has been used for 25 years. That's the law. In practice, the Treasury Secratary can't move a little finger without congressional approval. It was in this environemnt in the mid 1990s that the concept of a series of 50 state quarters was introduced. It received remarkably favorable treatment in Congress. In fact, the Congress said, "Yes". The result is hta thte program, which concluded in 2008, beacuse of it's enormous popularity an dsuccess became the template from which other coin changes could be modeled.
Nickels were given six new designs 2004-2006, two boverseand four reverse. Presidential dollars, a set of up to 40 designs, began in 2007. The District of Columbia and Territories quater set of 2009 followed the state quarter program and it in turn will be succeeded by another massive series honoring National Parks in each state. Where once there were no changes, nowadays collectors are being treated to numerous new coin designs all because Congress unaccountably found itself persuaded to authorize the state quarter program.


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Warman's State Quarter Collector's Folder, 1999-2009

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