MS 70 Industrial Strength Coin Brightener Contains No Acids
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Directions for use: MS 70 is not a dip based product and will not work by dipping your coin. Apply MS 70 directly to coin or use a Q-tip in MS 70 and gently apply to coin. Allow a few seconds for MS 70 to penetrate the contaminatnts of the coin then gently "massage" the surface fo the coin with the Q-tip which has been soaked in MS 70. Throughly rinse the coin in water. Note: Always do a few "test coins" to become familiar with how the product works. Additional info on bottle: MS 70 does not change the color of your coin but does remove surface contamination and tarnish. MS 70 will allow the natural beauty of the original surface to show as bright as the day your coin left the mint. MS 70 was designed to be used on mint state or proof coins, but does wonders on AU or slightly used coins. MS 70 restores the brilliant surfaces that remain under the tarnish and contaminants that has acculmulated on your coin.

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MS 70 Industrial Strength Coin Brightener Contains No Acids

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