Collecting & Investing Strategies for Barber Dimes by Jeff Ambio
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Barber Dimes, with an image of Libery emblazoned on the obverse, this 19th and early 20th century "work horse" series represents a pinnacle of classical American coinage. Minted from 1892 to 1916, the Barber Dime saw extensive circulation and regular use in commerical channels during an era of rapid economic expansion. Collecting and Investing Strategies for the Barber Dimes is devoted to a detailed analysis of every proof and business strike issue in the Barber Dime series from 1892-1916. Jeff Ambio a preeminent numismatic researcher and prolific cataloguer for America's top auction companies, offers insights on several methods through which to build a collection, key factors governing the market in which these coins trade, and invaluable strategies for collecting and investing in Barber Dimes. Included within this guide is current information on pricing, auction records, strike, luster, population and rarity rankings. Description: Brand: Zyrus Press,Jeff Ambio,Pub Date: 2009,Binding: Paperback,Pages: 425,Size: 6 x 9,Qty: 1,ISBN: 9781933990224,A great gift idea for any Coin Collector!

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Collecting & Investing Strategies for Barber Dimes by Jeff Ambio

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