2019 Flizzards 220 Piece Coin Starter Supply Kit
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Over $60.00 in retail value for only $49.99! 2020 Flizzards 220 pc. Coin Starter Supply Kit is loaded with value!

You'll receive a 2020 Red Book price guide (Whitman Publishing), 1999-2009 State Quarter 100 Coin Folder + the 20 Territories (Whitman Publishing), 50 each (Guardhouse) 2x2 penny, nickel, dime and quarter paper cardboard flip holders, 4 quarter 2x2 Tetra Snaplocks (Guardhouse), 2  each Guardhouse square coin tubes: penny and quarter. 2 each Koin round coin tubes for nickel and dime. 1 - 2x2x9 (Guardhouse) Red Storage Box, 3 (BCW) Pro-Poly 20-Pocket Pages for 2x2 flips, 1 - Pocket Size 2 1/2" - 5X Magnifier, and a pair of Large Cotton Gloves. Again, an excellent value for only $49.99. (This is a Sample kit containing different Manufacturers and Brand names).


    1 ea: 2020 Official Red Book Price Guide
    1 ea: 1999-2009 State Quarter+Territories Folder 120 slots
    50 ea: Guardhouse 2x2 Penny, Nickel, Dime & Quarter staple paper holders/flips.
    4 ea: Guardhouse 2x2 Tetra Snaplocks: Quarter
    2 ea: Guardhouse Square Coin Tubes: Penny and Quarter
    2 ea: Koin round coin tubes for: Nickel and Dime
    1 ea: Guardhouse 2x2x9 Red storage box
    3 ea: BCW Pro-Poly 20 pocket 2x2 pages for flips
    Pocket Size 2 1/2" - 5X Magnifier
    1 ea: Large Cotton Glove
    Coins NOT Included!


A great gift idea for any Coin Collector!

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2020 Flizzards 220 Piece Coin Starter Supply Kit

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