Red 2x2x9 Storage Box with 200 Paper Coin Holders/Flips, item number 20002200
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Single row red 9x2x2 regular duty box - durable and strong with high quality, textured exterior wrap. Use regular duty boxes for storage and organization of your precious collectibles. 200 2x2 Cardboard Guardhouse Coin Flips. Choose either penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half, small or large dollar, default 200 penny will be sent. Guardhouse paper holders are super clean, dust free,easy to staple and always line up. Please send us an e-mail with your choice of flip!

Please send us an email message with your choice of denomination! Otherwise default penny will be sent!


Size: 9x2x2
Color: Red
Qty: 2 box
Qty: Bundle of 200 Coin Flips
Holds: Penny 19mm, Nickel 21.2mm, Dime 18mm, Quarter 24.3mm, Half Dollar 30.6mm, Sm. Dollar 26.5mm and Lg. Dollar 38.1mm
Long-term and Safe Storage

A great gift idea for any Coin Collector.

  • Item #: 20002200
  • Condition: New

2 Red 2x2x9 Storage Box with 200 Paper Coin Holders/Flips

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